Lets face it, watching the DJ spin can sometimes be…uh…”interesting” to say the least. While some DJ’s are “going off” and you can truly see they are feeling the music, others are doing who knows what?

Well Mixmag decided to capture some of these epic poses with the following illustrations:

1. The Lean-back
Often occurs as the prelude to a full-on head-mosh when the tune drops. Habitual proponents risk displaying the contents of their nostrils to the crowd – not to mention whiplash.
Examples: Skrillex, Rusko
DJ Poses 2
2. The Jesus
The ultimate pose favoured by many big-shots; with arms outstretched like Jesus on the cross these DJs probably lap up the crowd’s adoration while secretly thinking, “Yes, I am good”.
Examples: Armin van Buuren, Swedish House Mafia
DJ Pose 3
3. The Bobber
The pose for DJs who want to assume an air of technicality while also showing they are locked into a groove. They bob to the beat while EQing in earnest.
Examples: Maceo Plex, Maya Jane Coles
DJ Poses 4
4. The Finger Piano-player
These DJs do little but look cool for their whole set – apart from when a piano comes in and they nonchalantly raise one hand to play along to the riff.
Example: Dixon
DJ Poses 5
5. The Cowboy
They twirl one hand in the air like they’re lassooing cattle while pretending to whistle and side-stepping like a square-dancing rodeo redneck. Keep rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, rawhide!
Examples: Davide Squillace, Luciano, Reboot
DJ Poses 6

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