For the past 30 years, Amir Daiza (A Guy Called Amir) has pushed the boundaries of new music as an established concert promoter in and around Detroit, Michigan. Now, Amir is focusing his attention on a new breaking artist: himself, aka A Guy Called Amir.

Amir took the time to sit down with us from his premier nightclub in Metro Detroit to talk about his move to the artist side, his new brand of music called Nu-Disco Obsession, and his goals to help inspire the new EDM culture.

#1 What are you doing with this new project?

A Guy Called Amir: I’ve always brought the newest music and I’m always breaking new acts. But now I am starting to produce and perform my own music and play it live; develop it on the dance floor. But you know what I’m doing today is the same thing I’ve been doing for thirty years, and what I’ve always loved to do: identify new music and evolve this market faster than what it has been.

#2 What is Nu-Disco Obsession?

AGCA: Nu-Disco Obsession is a return to what made house music great. I have come up with a brand that relates to my style and expresses the experience I want to share with my fans. It’s a new spin on classic styles.

#3 What point are you proving?

AGCA: . There are no hurdles to overcome in life except those in your mind. You can do anything you want as long as you have a passion and love for it. I have never worked a day in my life in this business. The entertainment industry has always been fun for me as it should and it goes hand in hand in what I’m doing. As long as you love and appreciate what you are doing then you will be successful at it no matter what field or industry you are getting into, or whether you get paid well or not.

#4 Tell us what else is to evolve from Nu-Disco Obsession.

AGCA: Music has always brought people together. It is an incredible driving force. What I really have wanted to do is get younger generations involved in music while helping others. I couldn’t think of a better way to expose my feelings for helping others than by partnering with Bridges for Music. Music is what bonds people and BFM understands that electronic music is a universal language that can be used to break down socio-economic boundaries and help disadvantaged areas through music and arts.

Currently, 100% of my merchandise sales goes to Bridges for Music and my upcoming original tracks will be available for free download with the option to donate to Bridges for Music as well.

#5 Will nu-disco transfer into all your music?

AGCA: I am going after a new sound but good songs are good songs. Some of these great songs stick and become classics. I am working these classic songs and house sounds into electronic music in new ways. Electronic music as we know it has only been around for about 45 years. No matter what you look at in design, art, style, and music – it’s always rebranded or refreshed. That is what I’m doing; refreshing the classic sounds we’ve all come to love.

#6 Who has inspired you over the years CREATIVELY? Not as a promoter but as an artist, what music is coming through into your music?

AGCA: It has really always been the Detroit sound that has influenced me since I was very young. Detroit sound has been everywhere from Motown to Eminem, Iggy, Bob Seager, The MC5 and many more. Back then, we had the antiwar movement – it was our cause. Today there is a cause too, but it is more about social issues and music leads the way in getting kids involved in something greater than themselves.

#7 Anything else?

AGCA: I am proud of my Nu-Disco Obsession brand. I didn’t know nu-disco would be catching on so fast. All kinds of artists have been getting into this sound: Knife Party, Daft Punk, Cazzette and more. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and it’s moving fast.

Music has always regurgitated things that came before and mixed it in new ways. Now is my time to take this sound that I am very proud of and run with it I will be playing a few gigs and releasing some of my own original material as well as helping brand the charity I have partnered with, Bridges for Music. The way I see it, if money is the primary driver for any endeavor you have in life, you will probably fail.

To learn more about A Guy Called Amir you can visit his Facebook page or his Soundclud page

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