One of the most common complaints coming from the EDM community is how many DJ’s are just showing up, pushing a button and playing their pre-recorded set, waiving their hands in the air, and passing this off as a live set.

What’s interesting is that in the pop music culture, if an artist is to do this, we call this lip syncing. But in the EDM world, we call this DJ’ing. Should EDM artists be allowed to do what mainstream pop artists are shunned for?

More importantly, with EDM now hitting the mainstream, more people will scrutinize its validity and place in the music world. This is why we see many artists playing acoustic sets to show the world its not just about pushing buttons.

Here are a list of some of the mainstream pop artists who have gotten some serious heat because of their lip syncing performances:

1. Milli Vanilli (aka Fab Morvan & Rob Pilatus) were busted when their CD skipped at a “live” performance at the MTV music awards. Their careers imploded never to be heard from again.

2. Ashlee Simpson’s debacle on the Saturday Night Live (yeah right) show. There was no debating this one as she walked off the stage hanging her head in shame.

3. Scotty McCreery (American Idol) was caught “singing” at the Macys day parade without even having the mic up at his mouth.

4. Beyonce’s performance for president Barak Obama’s inauguration. While she never admitted it, many believe she was not singing live.

5. Jennifer Hudson’s (American Idol) performance at the 2009 Super Bowl.

6. Britney Spears 2007 MTV music awards performance.

What do you think? Should DJ’s not be allowed to play a pre-recorded set?

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