While its nice that our beloved music has finally gotten the respect it deserves, it now seems that we can officially say it has gone overboard with a new  reality show driven by EDM Casting to find the “Next Big DJ”.

As reported by The Untz,

Very few details have emerged about the reality show competition tentatively titled Superstar DJ (maybe keep working on that), but what we do know is that Doron Ofir Casting, a branch of Popular Productions, is at the center of the EDMcasting.com controversy. Doron Ofir is responsible in part for the discovery of Snooki, JWOWW, and the human Bowflex known as “The Situation,” but in an interview published this morning by Phillip Sherbourne of SPIN.com, Ofir shared some pretty legitimate credits for why he is qualified to dabble in the dance music world.

Already people in the industry are spewing their disgust for what could be the beginning of the end

edm-castingWhile the show is still being flushed out conceptually, rest assured many are concerned and want to make sure their voice is heard. As voiced by The Untz:

So is the dance music trend finally jumping the shark with a reality show pitting amateur DJs in competition with one another? Nah. Kids still get drunk and vomit in their buddy’s hair on a Tuesday night in Seaside Heights… Sure, it’s going to be gross. Will TV get it wrong? They always do….

As with all things EDM, the final word should and will always go to High Rankin: “It looks fucking awful in every way which means it should make supurb television. Every DJ that has posted ‘this is a joke, how dare they’ will be glued to it every week, tweeting incessantly about how much they hate it. It will be the Howard Stern effect in full effect. I can wait and I may well apply. As long as there is still space for the overly-emotional-melodramatic-one-with-self-esteam-and-daddy-issues.”

Just remember, you can’t take away the underground. While the commercial scene looks like its going to get really bad, you will always have cool intimate parties somewhere where people who truly care about the music and culture will be pumping beats and bobbing heads.

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