I met a former neighbor recently, and he was amazed at how things had turned around for me so quickly. I was in serious trouble recently and those who knew me a couple of years back wouldn’t believe the transformation I had been through in two years. But it’s all thanks to Life Coaching!

(See: What is a life coach?)

Soon after my trouble began, I lived with my sister helping her in her home business. It was here I met a life coach, an online friend of my sister. My sister enrolled me for her life coaching program where I had a couple of coaching sessions. After the sessions, I felt a new life came upon me. My perception began to change, and I knew I am not the same person again. Something has changed, and with the consistency of monitoring and mentoring from my life coach, I could feel the inner strength to move on and conquer my fears.

Life coaching is a continued relationship between a client and her life coach to help the client identify areas of potentials to solve the client’s life challenges. The life coach supports the client with techniques, strategies, and tools to help them address specific areas of their life.

The following are some benefits I got from life coaching:

Clarity. It is a battle of life to know what you want. The problem with most people is that their minds are so muddled that they can’t think straight. I found myself in complete clarity over what I want and what I don’t want.

Accountability. I didn’t know I have to be accountable to myself for what I do and not do. Life is all about self-discipline without which it’s complete emptiness. After the sessions, I saw the need to be accountable and follow any laydown program to completion with a review of my performance to see areas that need corrections.

Personal development. The life coaching session develops and opens my eyes to see the need to improve in so many areas of my life. Without continuous self- development, and assessment, life is meaningless and empty. To succeed in life, you have to develop yourself, and I started to commit to self-improvement in different areas of my life.

Focus. Life coaching helped me to focus on anything I commit to doing. It’s not all about the money; it is about the need to be successful in all areas of life.

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