Yeah, you read that right. A 13 year old girl from Texas has opened up her own club. Any wonder why it might be a bit dangerous that pop artists are singing about Molly?

DJ Elle Morgan has opened up a club for 9 – 15 year olds where they can dance and play games. Sounds innocent enough right? Well the rules are no kissing, twerking, or alcohol of course.

Even her mom who was skeptical said “I wasn’t sure at first, either,” parent Candace Boswell said. “And now that I’ve been here, I know that I will definitely bring my kids back here.”

Another mom chimed in and said “I think it’s safer… than hanging out at somebody’s house,” parent Katie Guthrie said. “I don’t know if there are parents there or not; at least here I know it’s supervised, and there are police officers outside.”

The real issue here is that  DJ Elle Morgan looks up to certain big DJ’s in the scene (and has photos of them on her Facebook wall) that are notorious for partying hard and taking drugs.

Is that bad?

It depends.

Maybe this is going to push the whole legalization of drugs topic to the surface? If kids are now all over EDM and parents have to support them, maybe the topic of drugs becoming legal will be addressed.

What do you think?

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